For any further questions feel free to contact us between the hours of 2pm to 7pm in our office at 798-6643! Thanks and God Bless! 

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icon01/14/2017 - America's Best Cheer & Dance Competition

All Rebel Teams will be in attendance!!!! 

icon01/21/2017 - American Showdown in Fort Worth - 2 Day Competitive Teams

All 2-day Competitive Teams and Dream Team will be attending this event!

icon01/27/2017 - Partner Stunt Clinic (6:30 to 9pm)

The main focus of this clinic will be on "All-Girl" or "Double Base" stunting.  We want to give our athletes the opportunity to BASE, BACK SPOT and FLY at different levels.  It is very important for all athletes to be able to demonstrate as many of these 3 stunt positions as possible so all positions will be taught at this clinic. 

icon02/04/2017 - VIP Cheer Competition - S'port Conv. Ctr.

ALL Rebel Teams to attend! :-)

icon02/18/2017 - Jamfest Nationals - Shreveport, La. (18th & 19th)

2 -Day Competitive Teams to compete both days.

1 -Day (Prep) Competitive Teams and Show Teams to compete Saturday only. 

icon02/24/2017 - NCA All-star Nationals - Dallas, TX (24th-26th)

2-day Competitive Teams to attend.

Teams Grace and Redemption to compete Friday and Saturday

Teams Glory, Justice, Courage & Conquer to compete Saturday and Sunday

icon03/11/2017 - WSA GRAND NATIONALS in NOLA (11th & 12th)

2-day Competitive Teams only.

icon03/18/2017 - NCA Tiny, Mini & Prep Nationals, Arlington, TX

Teams Faith, Legends, Spirit & Strength to compete Saturday only.

Teams Joy & Heart to compete both days.