Tumbling Classes

We offer classes that are appropriate for ages 4 and up, and can accommodate skill levels from beginner to advanced.  Our tumble classes focus on the gymnastics skills that are associated with the exciting sport of cheerleading (floor gymnastics).  To offer our members the best service possible, we strive to maintain a 6 to 1 student to instructor ratio in our 4 and 5 year old classes and a 7 to 1 ratio in our 6 years and up classes and aim to place students in classes of similar age and skill levels. IMPORTANT NOTE; It is very important to register in the correct level class. Please look over the requirements/description for each class before registering.  In the event an athlete is registered into the wrong level class, at the recommendation of the instructor, a transfer would be required.  Availability is sometimes limited in classes for transfers to be made.  Please contact our office if needed for questions prior to registration. Registration Fees are NON-refundable. 

Tumbling Class Tuition

  • $35 Registration Fee due at time for registration
  • 6 years old and older - $68 per month
  • 4 & 5 year old classes - $63 per month
  • Additional classes - $10 discount applied 



Contact lcnoffice@yahoo.com or jason@lcncheer.com for more information!

Description of Skill Levels 1 through 5 (Determined by The USASF (United States All-Star Federation):

Level 1 :
Standing Tumbling:

  • Forward and Backward Rolls & Extension Roll
  • Cartwheel & 2-step hurdle Round-off
  • Back Walkover (consecutive is better!)
  • Front Walkover

Running Tumbling:

  • Cartwheel through to Back Walkover
  • Front Walkover to Cartwheel Back Walkover
  • Any combination of standing skills

Level 2:
Standing Tumbling:

  • Standing Backhandspring
  • Back Walkover to Backhandspring
  • All level 1 skills

Running Tumbling:

  • Round-off Backhandspring(s)
  • Front Walkover to Round-off Backhandspring(s)
  • Roundoff Backhandspring stepout 1/2 turn to Round-off BHS(s)
  • Front Handspring

Level 3:
Standing Tumbling:

  • Standing Consectuive Backhandsprings
  • Toe-touch or any jump to BHS
  • All level 1 & 2 skills

Running Tumbling:

  • Round-off BHS to Back Tuck
  • Round-off Back Tuck
  • Front Handspring
  • Level 2 running skills through to Back Tuck
  • Punch Front (front flip)

Level 4:
Standing Tumbling:

  • Standing BHS to Back Tuck, Pike, or Layout
  • Standing Back Tuck
  • Jump followed by BHS Back Tuck
  • All lower level skills

Running Tumbling:

  • Round-off BHS to Layout (with step out optional)
  • Alternate pass Round-off whip through to Layout
  • Punch-Front step out through to Layout
  • Front Handspring to Front Punch

Level 5:
Standing Tumbling:

  • Jump followed by Standing Back Tuck
  • Jump followed by standing Front Tuck
  • Standing BHS to Full Twisting Tuck or Layout
  • Standing Full Twisting Tuck or Layout
  • Standing BHS to Double full Twisting Layout

Running Tumbling:

  • Round-off BHS(s) to Full Twisting Layout
  • Lower level skills ending in a Full or more
  • Arabian Step-out to a Full or more
  • Round-off BHS(s) to Double Full Twisting Layout

(Strengthening and Flexibility Exercises are important in all levels of progression. Ex. More Strength/ More Skills. So for the best results and progression we encourage all members to strive for a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and proper dieting.)

Classes for our 4-5 year olds are 45 minutes in length and are offered on Monday through Thursday. Classes for 6 years old and above are one hour in length and are offered on Monday through Saturday.  At LCN, each student is treated and instructed individually, as we respect the fact that each student progresses differently.  Safety is our first and foremost concentration with our students and we strive for this by having knowledgable and trained instructors who use proper skill progression throughout each level.


Class Schedule: (Please contact our office for availability at 865-0264 between 3pm and 6:30pm weekdays)



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