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THE LOUISIANA REBEL ALL-STAR PROGRAM is a family of all-star cheer teams that range from ages 4 to 18 years of age and for athletes of all levels.  The Rebel Program offers Three types of All-Star Cheer Teams; "NOVICE Teams", "PREP Competitive Teams" and "ELITE Competitive Teams".  This Family of Teams is a fun and exciting opportunity for young people to experience the THRILLING "SPORT" of All-star Cheerleading!  This is a "TEAM" commitment, therefore there are expectations and requirements for parents and athletes to abide by for the duration of the season. Dependability, Selflessness/"Team First", Consistent Work Ethic, the Ability to Work well with others, Accountability... these are some of the qualities needed from parents and athletes for the Rebel TEAM Program to reach its potential each season... 

REBEL MISSION  (WOLHG) - Win Or Lose Honor God - we strive to do this by giving our best in Attitude, Effort & Support in all 3 Facets of the program; 1. Rebel Coaches 2. Rebel Athletes 3. Rebel Parents 

We value the opportunity to coach each and every athlete and we cannot wait to see what God can accomplish through our Rebel teams in ’23-'24!  The Team Program Information Sheets and The Rebel Handbook remain on this page for reference and understanding of the Rebel Organization. 

Questions? Contact All-star Director or call the office at 865-0264 between 3:00 & 6:30 weekdays.

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